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Restaurants and delivery service are temporarily suspended.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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TOKYO-CITY – modern urban restaurants with universal cuisine. Our menu combines elements of Japanese, Italian, East European, Chinese and other cuisines. The menu includes more than 500 dishes and beverages.

TOKYO-CITY – a place for all occasions. This is a space for gathering people of all ages and types of activities: couples with kids, couples in love, friends, colleagues and relatives. The eclectic interior of the restaurant is perfect for shindig with friends as well as for family gatherings.


Our delivery menu includes dishes for everyone’s taste. There are pizza, sushi, rolls, WOK, burgers, lunches and many others. You can place your order on our web-site in a few clicks or just make a call on the provided phone number.

Create your own unique lunch – you can construct a lunch from the offered options or select a dish from the menu according to your taste.

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