07.01.2020 09:00

Today we have a very special celebration! Today our restaurants are launching a brand new menu!

You will find not only classic, popular dishes on our menu, but also Hawaiian Poke, unusual sushi, desserts and tempting main courses.

A total of 39 new foods and drinks!

You are welcome to come and taste it.

02.01.2020 13:00
TOKYO-CITY announces new unreal competition!

Let's start the New Year with great gifts!

If you want to become the lucky owner of a stylish and practical AirPods, take part in a contest on our Instagram page and take advantage!

The winner will be announced on 31.01.!

Good luck in the New Year!

26.09.2019 11:06
Restorāna Tērbatas iela 2 slēgšana


No 29.septembra mūsu restorāns Tērbatas ielā 2 tiek slēgts.

Jau pavisam drīz mēs atvērsim jaunu, mājīgu TOKYO-CITY, kur atkal gaidīsim Jūs ciemos!

Bet šobrīd mēs Jūs visus priecāsimies redzēt Mūsu trīs restorānos:

Krišjāņa Barona ielā 40A, Rīgā
Krāmu ielā 2, Rīgā
Jomas ielā 65/67, Jūrmalā


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